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i got a singular impression...
Extreme boredom on a Friday night = you get to hear me attempt to play Moving Too Fast from The Last Five Years, written by my piano and composer idol, the god-like Jason Robert Brown. Ignore the beginning and the end, that's just me being too lazy to cut the video.

This is a work in progress. It's a damn hard song, lol.

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Wow, I am so impressed. Speechlessly so. I don't have a very good gauge with what is good and what is bad on piano, but I found that amazing to watch!

The sense of timing was so good/intense. Haha. (And no talking? Really now)

Thank you!

YEAH, no talking. Haha. I think my voice sounds weird recorded. But then again, so does everyone, right? I don't know. Maybe someday.

You're welcome :D (You should record more!)

Yeah, the record-voice-hate thing is a worldwide epidemic. You are not alone.

I probably will record more, especially if JRB will watch them LOL. And I might sneak in a sentence or two.

From JRB

Good work, Kelly! Keep it up!

Really from JRB, actually really. jason@jasonrobertbrown

I already told you thank you, but thank you again!! You have no idea how much that means coming from you.

That was absolutely amazing! I found you through the Idina message board, I hope its ok that i've added you.

Thank you! And sure, welcome :)

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